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  • portfolio: hyperspectral imaging, embedded CCD, gas sensors, ion sensors, ultra low power wireless, radar, thin-film electronics (RFIDs and sensors), displays, ECG, EEG monitoring, bioreactors, lensfree microscopy, micro-PCR, cell sorting, neuroprobes, GaN power electronics, silicon and thin-film solar cells
  • application domains: microchip miniaturization, intuitive internet of things, healthcare, smart mobility, quality of life in smart cities, smart logistics and manufacturing, smart energy
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CMST (UGent)

INTEC Photonics Research Group (UGent)

  • portfolio: silicon photonics, design & modelling, heterogeneous integration, integrated lasers & LEDs, advanced transceivers, modulators and switches, integrated nonlinear optics, packaging, process technology, bonding and transfer printing
  • application domains: lab-on-chip label-free biosensors, lab-on-chip spectroscopy, mid IR sensing, super-resolved microscopy, telecom & datacom, interconnects, neuromorphic computing
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B-Phot (VUB)

ESAT – MICAS (KU Leuven)

MECH – PMA Micro & Precision Engineering (KU Leuven)

  • portfolio: micromechanical components (micro-hydraulic cylinders, micro-hydraulic valves, micro-pneumatic and micro-hydraulic actuators, high-speed miniature air bearings and micro-turbines, and various types of optical speed, force, and torque sensors), micro-nano manufacturing (micromilling, micro-electrodischarge machining of metals, semi-conductors and ceramics), nanopositioning systems, nanometrology
  • application domainsmedical instruments
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